Bella Terra Gardens


Our Mission: To provide Valley residents and visitors with choices in the types of produce they put on their tables by using sustainable farming methods to produce ORGANIC fruits, vegetables and herbs of the highest quality, flavor and nutrition.

Lester and Ellen Barbee of Zillah started Barbee Orchards in the early 1920's. Today thier grand daughter Virginia and her husband Ron, along with their son, Christopher and his wife Teresa continue that tradition.


"Rosehill Brand" was the original trademark for excellent apples and that brand is now carried on as we produce quality organic almonds, berries, cherries, plums, and vegetables.

Bella Terra Gardens is our answer to having delicious, nutritious, organic Vegetables.  The rich Yakima Valley soils, hand cultivation, attention to water and following organic practices have created the perfect growing environment. We are sure that you will  find that our organic fruits and vegetables, that you will find growing at Bella Terra Gardens just taste better!